Conditions & Terms

Terms and conditions and client statement before purchasing the app

1. General


The website: this website and its content of advertisement and referral to the app called SDate that is, all creation and application.

The App: to obtain details of all the content of the art of seduction that is, step by step guidance for meeting a partner.

The Creation: All the content of the art of seduction website, that exists within the app.

The use of this website is subject to the Terms of Use as specified below.
All users of this website, by using it, hereby declare that they recognize the terms and conditions of the website and use the website in according to the following terms of use.
For convenience reasons, the terms of use are phrased as grammatical gender, but they are directed to both men and women.

2. The website

The website is designed to provide information and general explanations regarding the art of seduction and everything in between, videos directed for the purposes of the application, photos and detailed explanations about the contents of the application.

3. Information, recommendation and photos

The website contains detailed database and information in the field of the art of seduction.
All information provided in the website is designed to assist the user and give him tools in social gatherings and relationships breakthrough, before contacting the partner.
The website operator does not guarantee to update the information regularly and will not be responsible for any actions taken in reliance of the content on the website.
User who use any information and/or make decisions based on the information, do so on his own risk and concedes any claim and/or prosecution and/or demand against the website for the use of information and/or reliance on the information detailed above.
In addition, the website contains images and symbols of various types and ideas from psychology that grouped together so they could assist the user.
The Images and logos in the website are intended for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied on or make any use of them.

4. The purpose of the website

To pave a way for both genders in order to achieve a good relationship that ends with the fulfillment of aspirations and desires for a perfect relationship and the establishment of a happy family.
Do not use the website for the purpose of sexual exploitation and/or another.

5. Responsibility

As described above, all the information available on the website is incomplete and is used for the purpose of creating openness between the sexes, creating openness and guiding ways to go and "start" with women and men.
Publishing website information does not obligate responsibility and/or liability to whatsoever on the website and/or any of its employees.
The website operator will work to maintain proper operation, but there may be disruptions and problems accessing it therefore he does not guarantee to operate the website continuously and/or without glitches and/or immune to unauthorized access.
Users hereby concede any claim and/or prosecution and/or demand for damages caused to them due to hacking the website and/or unauthorized use of the website and prohibited for users under 18.
The website operator shall not take direct or indirect responsibility for the effects and/or customer behavior from exposure to the application.
The operator shall not be directly or indirectly responsible for any case in which the exposure of the user will not enter the system and/or any technical problem preventing the user from entering the app.
The operator does not warrant that any user of the application and/or website will come with a date and or succeed with a partner.
The content is very helpful but it requires training and hard work to achieve the goal.
The user of the application is prevented from suing the operator for failure to success because it all depends on the user, the app only assists the user.
The client using the website on his own responsibility and is hereby concedes any claim and/or persecution and/or demand against the website operator.
For the avoidance of doubt, any use of the website should be done accordingly to these instructions and it is the user's own responsibility.
In order to complete the consultation, the user is invited to contact the website and receive detailed counseling.

6. Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights of the information provided on the website belong to the website.
Without devaluing the foregoing, it should be noted that all the articles, professional reviews, examples of texts, logos, captions, etc. are some of the information of the website exclusive rights of the intellectual property.
You may not copy, duplicate, photocopy, distribute, sell, translate and/or make use of any information and/or images and/or any other material contained on the website and so whether used by other websites and/or different media.
Any unauthorized use of the content appearing on the website constitutes a violation of the rights of the website and the user is aware that he will be exposed to claims for the violation of site rights.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the website operator will be permitted to assign, sell, grant licenses or do anything else with the information available on the website according to his own consideration.

7. Stop website activities and its changes

  1. The website operator does not undertake to update the website regularly and/or operate it regularly and may decide on a temporary or permanent cessation of the website operations.
  2. The website operator reserves the right to shut down the website and cancel the application by his consideration.
  3. The website operator will be permitted to update and change the content and information appearing on the website without prior notice and based on his own opinion or decision.
  4. The website operator will be permitted to periodically update the website terms of use without notice, the new terms of use will take effect after being published on the website.
  5. The website operator reserves the right to change prices for all services and/or products listed on the website based on his own consideration, the new prices will take effect after they are published on the website.

8. Registration to the application via the website

  1. The website allows entry fee to the application of the website operator or a third party.
    As the user will purchase services via the website, your purchase will be made by credit card/paypal/e-wallet/different payment method, payment method below, and according to the operator's procedures and credit card company/payment method providers.
    The user alone will be responsible for any damage that may be caused to the website operator and/or third parties as a result of the cancellation charges made by the payment methods, both as cancellation instructions and in accordance with the decision of the credit card company/PayPal/factor provides the payment methods.
  2. Subject to the law, the website operator will be permitted to charge the user for payment of any purchase of products and/or services to be performed through the website.
  3. Registration to the application via the website will be subject to the signing of this authorization policies.
  4. While performing the operation in website the user will be asked to enter his details and payment information.
  5. Credit card information of the user who purchased on the website will not be stored in the database and will not be used for anything else besides for purchasing the product.

9. Payment

  1. Billing is made immediately by entering the app.
  2. If there will be problems in computers and/or telephone systems and/or any other media factors in the registration/login process, and/or causes of higher power prevent and/or harm the registration/login process and/or receiving services in any way, including through a regular sale or supply of products and/or services, according to the terms of the acquisition of products and/or service, the website operator or his representative will be permitted to cancel the purchase, in whole or in part, and the cancellation of the transaction.
  3. Cancellation of the deal will be written in an email to website or by e-mail, the website operator will decide according to his own consideration whether to approve the cancellation of the deal or not, the website operator does not guarantee a refund to the customer.

10. Law and jurisdiction

Law applicable to the use of the website, including these terms and conditions, is Israeli law only.
Given exclusive jurisdiction to Kiryat Shmona Magistrates Court or the District Court of Nazareth in Israel.