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Yes, my friend, one of the deepest mysteries of the world is Dating!

Often times, when we want to ask a girl out, we get anxious and end up feeling depressed and frustrated.
Especially, when you want to ask out a girl who is special to you.

It is not important how successful you are in your professional life, it can get pretty lonely when you're not with someone you cherish by your side.
You feel insignificant, unworthy of attracting the attention of someone, and most importantly, you feel depressed.

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions?

1 - Why do other men succeed in getting girls but not me?
2 - What do they have that I lack?

The answer is simple: It's their behavior! They know how to act in an attractive way.

So, if you change your behavior around girls, there is no reason for you to fail in getting a date again.
Of course, all of this comes with a great series of fears that we need to address.

If you find yourself in any of the problems listed below, then don't worry, we have a solution.

1 - You feel stressed when you're around a girl.
2 - You feel afraid of encountering a girl.
3 - You don't know how to start a conversation: what to say and when to say it.
4 - You don't know how to attract her.
5 - You don't know if she is attracted to you.
6 - You don't know how to make her comfortable around you.
7 - You don't know how to get her number.
8 - You don't know how to make the call.
9 - You don't know how to make her fall in love with you.

This list can be endless if you think about it...

We have cracked the science of dating

We have cracked the science of dating and created the SDate book that will get you sailing through the dating world.
SDate will help you get a successful date with your dream girl.
The book contains information that will help you get a date and guide you step by step, by helping you focus on each step easily.
You can organize all the information on seduction you have using the SDate app.

Think about it...

One app that contains everything you need to get a date with a girl. The app can be with you anytime and anywhere.
Any time you need to remember what to say to a girl or how to do a specific step that will help you to get your girl, then you can simply:

1 - Open the app in your phone
2 - Search for the step you need
3 - Read it and then do it
4 - You can edit and add steps that are working for you

Purchase this book if you plan on becoming a master of seduction and if you are interested in the following:

1 - Have all the information on seduction organized in one app that can be available anywhere and anytime (on your mobile device).
2 - Search/Add/Edit the information on seduction in a structure that will ease your access and let you focus on the specific step that you require.
3 - Access the information fast and without the need of an internet connection.
4 - Access the information on seduction from any place like streets/pub/mall...
5 - Add important information to a favorite list.


The purpose of the SDate book/app is to make you an attractive person, a person with high standards.
The purpose is to help you to get a real girl for a real relationship.
You should understand that girls are very emotional and you should NEVER use the SDate book/app to exploit and/or abuse these emotions.
DON'T use this book/app to destroy a marriage or to get girls who are in a relationship.
Use it ONLY if you are a real man who wants a cute girl for a real relationship.

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Do you ever feel like you lack the ability to communicate with a girl?

Sometimes you just want to know how to approach a woman, because, let's face it, humans are complicated beings and women are the perplexing part of mankind.
Sometimes they say something, but they mean the opposite, or you just don't know how to relate to them, and don't know if they are interested in you.

Fear not, we have come up with solution to this particular problem.

We will guide you every step of the way!

You don't know how to approach a girl?
We will tell you how to do that.
What to say and when to say it?
No problem.
You don't know how to carry on a conversation?
We'll help you.
How do you know if a girl is interested in you?
We'll show you the signs.
How do you get her number?
Ask, but we'll tell you how to do that.
You have her number, now what?
Call, but follow our steps.
How to carry on a date?
We'll make sure you get to first base soon.

The list goes on...

Learn how to behave

Many men struggle with trying to be noticed among the sea of women, and sometimes we feel less of ourselves. And sometimes, even though we're successful in business or entrepreneurship, it's hard to succeed in romance.

We'll have to learn to behave like the person we want them to see.

Follow the advice that our book provides, and you'll learn how to behave on a date, from the first approach to planning afterwards.
This will let you know if the dream girl you have imagined is interested in you, and you'll learn to recognize the signs.

SDate Team

Our team consists of professional seducers who wrote the book content for you to achieve your maximum potential.
We also have developers and graphic designers who have created the app to easily guide you through the steps of transforming from an ordinary man to a lovable man, one who will sweep the woman he is attracted to off her feet.

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